We, SERANOVA CERAMICS, consider the following liabilities as the requirements of our sensitivity towards the environment:


• ensuring the standards specified with the relevant laws and regulations;

• reducing the use of natural sources and heading towards the consumption of reusable and recyclable materials as much as possible;

• considering environmental criteria while making investment decisions;

• acting with precaution and care in all our activities in terms of their possible effects on the environment;

• developing an Environmental Management System and ensuring that this system is effective and up-to-date;

• ensuring training of the entire personnel for the protection of environment;

• fulfilling all the requirements of "ISO 14001 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM;

• giving advices to and inspiring third persons in connection with our business, our deliverers and subcontractors providing goods and service to our company with regards to the application of environmental standards similar to our system;

• participating in studies with regards to the improvement of environment in addition to protecting it;

• developing projects regarding the environment and/or supporting those projects that have been developed. 


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