– Seranova Ceramics completed its investments and started production in 2000; and increased its capacity from 2 million m2/year to 12 million m2/year in the first years owing to new investments. Seranova Ceramics, putting the innovations in ceramics sector into practice, aims continuous improvement and growth to maintain its characteristic of being a brand in demand both in domestic and foreign sectors. Seranova Ceramics produces floor and wall tiles in an area of totally 600.000 m2 including 50.000 m2 closed and 550.000 m2 open areas located in Uşak city ; and it has a production capacity of totally 12 million m2 including 7 million m2 floor and 5 million m2 wall tiles. Furthermore, it has expanded its range of products with its 3rd Fired Decor and Border tile line that started production in 2008.


Seranova Ceramics uses single firing technology in floor ceramics and rapid double firing technology in wall ceramics; and it has determined 2013 as the term for progress and innovation and added digital printing systems, glazing, and squaring lines as well as body painting systems to its machinery as a result of actions performed in this direction. It produces floor and wall tiles in compliance with TS EN 14411 standard. Seranova Ceramics plans at least 35 percent of its production towards exportation and exports its products accordingly; and it is also the first company to produce its ceramic products through CE marking that ensures free circulation in European countries.


Seranova Ceramics implements ISO 9001 Quality Management System in its production as a requirement of its sensitivity towards the environment. The company decided to continue its activities adopting the vision of huge transformation and innovation that was brought to life in 2012-2013; and it aims at being the Turkish brand shining in world countries.



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